Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

he wheel of destiny is an ancient symbol of life’s changeability, that life always alternates, always has its ups and downs. Prediction: A New Beginning. Major events that cannot be influenced. To reap what has been sown. Having drawn this card indicates that you are facing a breakthrough.

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Tarot Cards

Just as I Ching is believed to hold all the wisdom of the East, it is also believed that tarot cards contain the wisdom of the world. You can thus consult tarot cards and get guidance on..., really anything. Here you get the essence of what the tarot card tells you. For more detailed information you can read the full description of 78 taro cards.

The tarot card you draw contains answers to your question. You may not think the answer is right, you may not understand the answer. But there is a reason you draw this specific tarot card. Of course, you can draw a new tarot card until you find the answer you want, but then you avoid the wisdom, success, and progress that the tarot cards want to help you achieve.

In addition to Marseilles, Rider-Waite cards and Aleister Crowleys, there are many exciting, creative and fun examples of tarot cards. Some of these have cats, animals, women, moods from cities and more, as their theme all the time. Here at NetSpirit, Rider-Waite tarot cards are used for illustrations, as the motifs we see on the Rider-Waite tarot cards provide much information about the meaning and symbolism of the tarot card.

Major Arcana

0 The Fool I I The Magician I II The High Priestess I III The Empress I IV The Emperor I V The Hierophant I VI The Lovers | VII The Chariot | VIII Justice | IX The Hermit | X Wheel of Fortune | XI Strength | XII The Hanged Man | XIII Death | XIV Temperance | XV The Devil | XVI The Tower | XVII The Star | XVIII The Moon | XIX The Sun | XX Judgement | XXI The World


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Tarot completely free. Here you can draw a tarot card for guidance. Concentrate on the topic you want guidance on and draw your card. On this page you can predict yourself in tarot cards, draw tarot, completely free. Draw a tarot card and let the tarot guide you on all life issues; Love, career, life choices, big and small. Predict love, predict career choices. Ask tarot cards for advice and guidance.