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Description: Nine Wands shows a man standing and holding on to a stick with both hands. He wears a bandage around his head and looks back insecurely and suspiciously towards the place where the other eight sticks stand.

The card symbolizes energy that is retained because one does not know how to use it positively or constructively. It symbolizes a situation where the feeling of conflict has taken over. But you have strength, even if you are not aware of it, and even if you have to face adversity.

Interpretation: Nine Wands suggests that you should be made aware of your hidden or unconscious reserve of strength. You are prepared to face difficulties on your way. You have fought before and you are ready again if the situation should require it. You have boundless strength, courage and endurance enough to overcome them.

The map stands for strength and indicates that both your conscious and your unconscious forces are ready to help you. You need to make use of your determination to face the challenges that lie ahead. As the unconscious becomes conscious, anxiety can arise to re-experience unfinished situations. But strength can also arise as you discover the beginning of an unfoldment of inner hitherto unconscious forces.

Other words that characterize Nine Wands are: battle-ready, restrained energy, dormant forces, unused possibilities, self-knowledge, effort, blockages, destructive energy, and instability.

Number: Nine is the number in which all the others are summed to form a foundation before the final completion in the number ten. For the next nine weeks or months, you will have unlimited strength when it comes to manifesting your visions or clarifying issues.

Astrology: Consciousness (the Sun) and hidden forces (the Moon in Sagittarius). There is an opportunity to gain consciousness (the Sun) of your hidden powers (the Moon).

Affirmation: I rediscover and relive my powers. In my inner self lives a strength. My inner strength is growing. I possess unimaginable powers and opportunities. I have confidence in my own strength.

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