la-wands-0088 WANDS

Description: Eight Wands shows eight sticks floating or flying in the air over a calm hilly landscape through which a river flows. There is a lightness and feel for easy mobility over the image. The Eight Sticks move together. The card symbolizes energy and action. The sticks possess a fiery enthusiasm and one expects something to happen. There is an opening to something else.

Interpretation: Eight Wands indicates a time for action, and action must be taken quickly, purely practically, not just mentally or in thought. You can always rest after the effort. The map stands for speed and indicates that you should quickly overcome obstacles that may stand in your way now. This means, among other things, that you no longer have to plan actions or be delayed in any way.

The moment has come when you have to show that you stand firm, know your intentions and act accordingly. For example, if you are open, direct and clear in your speech and in your actions, obstacles and misunderstandings can be easily overcome. In the near future, you will probably thrive on being busy with your projects.

Other words that describe Eight Wands are: unboundedness, an open situation, hectic, lots of iron in the fire, activity and excitement.

Numbers: The number eight symbolizes renewal and change and infinity. For the next eight weeks or months, you will succeed in acting quickly or communicating directly.

Astrology: Mercury in Sagittarius. You communicate (Mercury) quickly and directly (Sagittarius).

Affirmation: I say freely what I mean. It is safe to tell others who I am. I transform problems by taking action.

Tarot of Marseille

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