la-wands-007-17 WANDS

Description: Seven Wands shows a man aggressively and angrily holding a stick in front of his chest. He stands straddling an abyss on a mountaintop. The other six sticks are placed in front of him and seem to be both aimed at him and blocking his way forward. The man seems to be determined, focused and energetic.

His situation could indicate that he is making his way forward past the six sticks or fighting against them. The card symbolizes an intensified struggle and competitive situation. Here it is the position achieved, the won case that must be defended, preserved and continued to be fought for.

Interpretation: Seven Wands stands for courage and bravery and indicates that you should show risk-taking, not make any compromises, but believe in the final and / or continued victory. You should stand firm and remain faithful to your past experiences as well as your dreams and goals. Also the ones you have already achieved.

The card also indicates the need for constant movement, and for you to continue learning and make sure to develop your abilities and talents. It may seem like hard work, but progress is your bonus.

When you draw this card, it is a sign of a growing spiritual courage, willingness to take chances in terms of spiritual growth. The spiritual energy moves, everything wants to come to creative expression. If you stick to your values, you will see things more clearly.

Other words that characterize Seven Wands are: criticism, courage, bravery, impact, negotiation, the warrior, self-defense and steadfastness.

Numbers: Seven is the number for wisdom and knowledge. For the next seven weeks or months, it will be important for you to fight for what you love and show who you are when you are outgoing and brave.

Astrology: Mars in Leo. You can use your vitality (Mars) to work with your creative expressions (The Lion).

Affirmation: I am true to myself and my dreams. I express my power. I transform my fear into trusting action. I’m the peaceful warrior.

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