la-wands-0055 WANDS

Description: Five Wands shows five men fighting or fighting each other with their stick. What they are doing is more of an aggressive positioning in relation to each other than an actual feud. They do not touch each other, but are in either a defensive or offensive position. Therefore, the picture seems easy, and as if it is a game or show for the men.

At the same time, the five men show that they cannot stay calm, which only reflects the nature of the fire element. The map indicates a time of frustration, where it seems as if one has to fight for everything. Everything seems difficult and not much is going as planned.

Interpretation: Five Wands says something about fighting for results. You are in fierce competition and you will have to spend all your resources if you are to succeed. Your energy flow is possibly blocked or possibly stagnant, which can be expressed by life being perceived as a burden.

You find yourself in a situation between what you want and what the realities are. You may also be in a situation where it is just everyday life that irritates and frustrates you. Basically, you might be anxious about something.

Your challenge lies in being with life’s challenges, remembering your inner peace, patience and staying focused. The card indicates that you are striving hard at the moment – perhaps too much – and that some of your creative power is blocked and striving in vain for new ways of expressing yourself.

Other words that describe Five Wands are: resistance, ambition, competition, struggle, frustration, strife, ambiguity, difficulty, striving, anxiety, inhibition, and unfulfilled longing.

Number: Five is the number for uncertainty and change. For the next five weeks or months, it will be easier for you to free yourself from anxiety or frustrations. It will be a time when you will find your inner Lion and express yourself fully – for example through creative activities.

Astrology: Saturn in Leo. The creative outward force of the lion is blocked or held back by Saturn. Saturn wants to make everything disciplined and step by step, which is difficult for the Lion who wants to come to full expression.

Affirmation: I take one step at a time. I have confidence that I will probably reach my goals. Calmly, I face challenges on my path. I express myself creatively.

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