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Description: Four Wands shows a gate made of four Wands. The stems are adorned with a flower wreath, fruits and ribbons on top – as if to create a portal. A happy jubilant couple is seen on the other side of the Wands; they wear wreaths in their hair and hold bouquets of flowers in their raised arms.

It seems that their raised arms express both a nod to the viewer and a cheer. There is a party atmosphere, and people are also seen leaving the party stage and walking towards the castle in the background.

The card has a yellow background that indicates the bright and light mood that is over the event or situation. The card, of course, symbolizes first and foremost celebration and celebration of events – such as autumn party, travel party, graduation party, summer party and housewarming. It indicates that it is time for thanksgiving and for being receptive and grateful.

Interpretation: Four Wands shows that you have completed a good job and you can now allow yourself to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the situation. You may want to consider holding your own ritual that could mark the transition – either in the form of a party or a holiday.

The card stands for completion. It should show that there is a circuit that is connected. The contradictions and perspectives that may have been on a project now meet and connect in a center or midpoint. The map shows that it is time for union and completion, but thus also the possibility of a new beginning.

Thus, when you draw this card, it is a sign that something is nearing completion and that there is a desire to begin something new. Four Wands also indicate something about an ability to look at things holistically. Seen in this perspective, the card is relatively comfortable because it refers to a nice time you can enjoy. And at the same time, it may be good to keep in mind that after this period, you will necessarily have to return to your daily routines, work, project and relationships.

But every thing in its time. The favorable time and energy that lies in the map will also be used to advantage to be clarified in situations where there are problems with getting closer to people, joining a group and generally sharing your energy with others.

Other words that describe Four Wands are: well-deserved festivity, a time of joy, dancing, laughter, open doors, open-mindedness, finished work, arrival, luck and beauty.

Numbers: Four is the number for reality and stability. For the next four weeks or months, it will be easy for you to complete matters and at the same time go in new directions.

Astrology: Venus in Aries. It is time to show / experience love and enjoyment towards the accomplished and the realization that something new must be launched.

Affirmation: I enjoy life. I know how to celebrate my triumphs. I end the old and welcome the new. I’m clarified.

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