Ace of WandsAce of Wands

Description: Ace of Wands shows a luminous hand reaching out of a cloud, holding a cane with leaf sprouts. Floating around the stick are some small leaves that symbolize the mystique and life around the stick. In the background is a landscape.

The card symbolizes the creative element of fire, energy and momentum. It is the stick used by the magician when his will is to be done and when he has to express his wishes.

Interpretation: Ace of Wands is, after the sun, the highest energy card in the set. The card is a symbol of vitality, spontaneity, spiritual self-realization and awakening. It also refers to the released energy and inner vitality after the blockages are removed. Once all obstacles are cleared, renewal can begin. But you can only use this energy if you have a goal you can aim for.

Ace of Wands states that this goal should first and foremost be self-discovery and self-realization. It will be difficult for you to hold yourself and your basic being back – so don’t try it.

Keywords Other words that describe Ace of Wands are: fire, the male force, life force, awakening growth development, a powerful wave of energy and enthusiasm.

Number: The number one is associated with Ace of Wands. In the next year, it will be important to be true to yourself, and to honor your feelings. It will also be important for you at this time to come from the vital place within you – and be spontaneous and energized.

Astrology: Ace of Wands is associated with the months of the fire signs: Lion, Aries and Shooter.

Affirmation: I openly express my energy and power. My energy and power serve a higher purpose.

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