Ten SwordsTen Swords

Description: Ten Swords shows a man lying on the ground with ten swords stuck in his body. He lies by the water and on the horizon you see mountains, the night sky, and the sun that is either setting or rising.

The picture indicates the ultimate disaster – the mind is dead, the boundaries of grief and pain are reached, and the battle is finally at an end – the long painful night is over and the sun and new opportunities can break out.

Interpretation: The card symbolizes an ending and that something is definitely over. The card stands for doom and ruin and indicates that your sense has been locked in negative thoughts of madness and doom.

This is now acknowledged, one has surrendered, and the power one has over one has been destroyed. Pulling this card can also be a sign of fear of financial ruin or break in a relationship. Maybe both.

Look ten years back for a situation where love and money ended up in ruin. You have a good chance to let go of this fear within the next ten weeks to ten months, because your sense of control now is ready to let go of negative thought patterns.

Keywords: Other descriptions that fit the Ten Swords are: The battle is given up as you emerge from the tunnel of darkness you meet the light, an inevitable ending with promises of new beginnings, an illusion ending, failure and ending.

Number: In the next ten weeks or months, it will be important for you to let go of negative thought patterns and to focus on happiness and positive things.

Astrology: The Sun in Gemini. You have many abilities in the mental field and when it comes to seeing two sides of the same case. Being able to see many nuances and paradoxes in a case can be confusing and terrifying. For example, if you see the positive as the negative side of a choice or situation.

Affirmation: I let go of fear. I know things should work out. I have confidence in life.

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Ten Swords
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