Nine SwordsNine Swords

Description: Nine Swords shows a man sitting in his bed. You might look like he’s just woken up or he’s crying. He holds his eyes and face with both his hands. Above him in a black air hover nine swords.

He seems to be keeping an eye on him because he has just had an insight of great importance. The card symbolizes a sense of disaster or fear that reigns in the mind.

However, no grief or pain seems to have hit the man – he is unharmed. This indicates that the pain or sorrow is more experienced within the man. The pain he experiences is created by the power of thought, it does not reflect reality. It’s like having a nightmare that can be scary and painful, but it’s not real.

Interpretation: The card symbolizes that your suffering stems from your world of imagination. The griefs and worries are great and burdensome. The card indicates that you are cruel to yourself. You might practice self-punishment and play the role of martyr.

The card shows that you spend a lot of effort and energy to bring yourself down. For example, if you make a decision, you torture yourself that it was a wrong decision. And if you don’t make a decision, you blame yourself for your indecision.

The card tells you that you must acknowledge this destructive pattern before you can let go of it. A redemption can also lie in addressing your problems and acknowledging that you should not take all the sorrows and problems of the world on its shoulders. Changing behavior in this area may be the end of your illusions. Don’t fail yourself!

Keywords: Other words that characterize Nine Swords are: vision of doom, panic, self-condemnation, illness and feeling ashamed.

Number: In the next nine weeks or months, it will be important for you to let go of self-critical thoughts and no longer judge yourself as to what you should do, what you should look like, or how you should live your life.

Astrology: Mars in the Gemini. Energetically and aggressively (Mars), you use the idea to carefully and inventively (Gemini) criticize yourself.

Affirmation: I see the reality in my eyes. I forgive myself.

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Nine Swords
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