Eight SwordsEight Swords

Description: Eight Swords depicts a woman in long robes with her arms tied to her body and with a blindfold to her eyes. Around her are eight swords stabbed into the ground. In the landscape behind her is seen a castle, which lies on a mountain.

The card can be interpreted as the woman leaving the castle on her way to new opportunities and a better future, but on the way she has come to a situation where she does not know what to do with her newly acquired freedom.

The card indicates a feeling of being trapped, and if she wants and chooses it herself, she can loosen the ties around her and her eyes and see her situation and the realities of her eyes. But right now, something is holding her back from doing this. She has not taken responsibility for her situation and responsibility for moving forward.

Interpretation: The card symbolizes confusion over options. The card indicates that you are in a situation that you can under no circumstances get out of the thought: through speculation, analysis and planning. On the contrary, the more you think about your situation, the more it seems like the yarn is tightening around you.

At the same time it is an election situation in which the choice seems extremely difficult to you because it seems that no matter what choice you make, there will be major disadvantages associated with the election.

You feel locked in by the restrictions and restrictions of the surroundings. You are in a dilemma where you are too weak to fight for your rights because you do not see them clearly. You are trapped and victimized by your indecision and your willingness to over-analyze things. A change for the better is on the way, but you have to change your behavior.

The card indicates that the questioner has been bound by obstacles in the past which have prevented him from acting. You have to wait, have confidence and be patient for an answer or greater clarity will appear to you.

Keywords: Other words used in the description of Eight Swords are: Belief in one’s own helplessness and weakness, the illusion of being trapped, crisis, restraints and a difficult situation.

Number: For the next eight weeks or months, it will be important for you to stay calm and wait for clarity to fall on your mind and situation.

Astrology: Jupiter in the Twins. Although we are required to grow and expand (Jupiter) in order to see and embrace many different ideas and opportunities (Gemini), it is important not to prioritize one over another if we do not see things clear.

Affirmation: I am in charge of my life. I am strong. I experience my strength in the present. I am open to seeing things clearly.

Eight Swords
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Eight Swords
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