Five SwordsFive Swords

Description: Five Swords depicts a man, presumably a victor, holding or in the process of collecting swords. He holds three swords and two other swords lie on the ground by his side.

Two other figures, perhaps the defeated ones, seem to be heading away from the man. They go down to the water in the background. The clouds in the sky are thankful and threatening.

The card indicates that there is a need to recognize limitations and to work within the constraints that shape your current situation. The picture seems to reflect defeat and despair.

Interpretation: The card indicates fear of a disgraceful defeat. It may indicate that a battle is won by dishonest means and which the loser must find himself in, even if the pride thereby gets a proper crack. That way, the card can be seen as very positive as it indicates that you are prepared to face your fear of defeat.


And by seeing, understanding, accepting and letting go of the anxiety, you will be free. But, for example, investigate whether your fear of defeat is due to a memory from the past that has damaged self-esteem and self-esteem.

The card symbolizes that, because of perceived fear in the thought, you become entangled in body, emotions and mind, which causes your way of thinking to become distorted and narrow-minded. The card indicates that one must relate to the realities and be as constructive and creative as possible to improve one’s situation.

Be careful not to forcefully impose solutions or behaviors blindly, without having investigated what or what kind of action is required in that particular situation. You must accept your restrictions and blockages before any changes can occur.

Keywords: Other words that describe Five Swords are: acceptance of limitations, losses, need to work within the limitations and shame.

Numer: In the next five weeks or months, you will be especially determined to let go of negative thinking and old ideas that had to do with fear of defeat.

Astrology: Venus in Aquarius. Fear of moving in new directions that are important to you.

Affirmation: I see my fear of defeat in the eyes. Through the realization of the anxiety, I am liberated by the anxiety. I see the realities in my eyes.

Five Swords
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