la-swords-0044 SWORDS

Description: The card Four Swords shows a man sleeping or resting on a sarcophagus in a church room. On the wall above him hang three swords – the fourth is engraved next to his coffin. The man’s hands are gathered in prayer. There is also one of the church’s mosaic windows, which depicts a person kneeling in front of another, perhaps to be blessed.

The window symbolizes the man’s need to see the world through more spiritual ‘glasses’. Thus, the card is about giving oneself rest and tranquility. It symbolizes the need to spend time withdrawing from everyday events.

Everything is quiet in the picture, thus indicating that the time is now peaceful and that the time of the struggle, the fighting and the problems is over.

Interpretation: The card suggests that now is the time to pause, recharge your batteries and get new energy. It is about focusing on more beneficial or spiritual values. There has probably just been a period of conflict or you have been very energetic. Therefore: Take a break now and think about it! You need a break, a respite before returning to active life.

You need this respite to direct your thoughts, feelings, your body and your spirit in the direction of flexibility, openness and calm. Inside you, a clarification is currently underway, and new expanding thoughts want to be expressed.

This card can also stand for a time marked by meditation, contemplation or self-healing. During these activities, notice and allow for new thoughts and values. It will be good for you to be aware of focusing on calmness, on being aware of your surroundings, on coming from the heart as you speak and otherwise having a relaxed attitude towards things.

Furthermore, this card also reminds you of the natural cycle between activity and relaxation.

Keywords: Other words that describe Four Swords are: withdrawal, recovery, conflict resolution, exasperation, isolation and meditation.

Number: In the next four weeks or months, it will be particularly possible to reach negotiations or clarifications where conflict management has so far been problematic.

Astrology: Jupiter in Libra. Openness and flexibility (Jupiter) and an open-minded attitude (Libra) are needed to create a peaceful, relaxed situation in which resolution or conflict resolution can be achieved.

Affirmation: I let peace fill me. I follow my body and mind’s need for rest. I let myself be filled with energy.

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