Two Swords2 SWORDS

Description: Two Swords shows a woman dressed in white sitting by the sea on a pedestal. She has a blindfold and holds a sword in both hands. She holds her arms crossed over her chest. In the sea behind her you see small islands, and in the sky you see the seal of the new moon.

Two swords can either symbolize deep peace and clarity or stalemate, indecision and opposition to choose or act. The woman with blindfolds can both symbolize a move into herself and believe in inner peace, balance, balance and clarity in election situations, or it can symbolize a determination that emotions are ignored.

Interpretation: Two Swords can symbolize contact with inner peace or, on the other hand, emotions that are ignored and tensions associated with enclosing the outside world. The interpretation must depend on the questioner’s state of consciousness and situation.

What follows is the interpretation that has to do with the peace of mind. The card symbolizes a state in which situations can be clarified and decisions can be made or made intuitively. If you get deposits and ideas now, they are probably worth noting.

The card stands for inner peace, which is a great gift that should be appreciated and protected. The inner peace arises in relation to decisions in relationships or situations where you have been in the past. At the same time, it is a peace that brings movement and freshness, because the peace is real.

When you draw this card, it is a sign that a decision on affairs, situations, choices or relationships is already integrated at a subconscious level; the decision you have made has brought peace of mind, emotion, intellect and body. It is a peace that also affects the two polarities of Liberty, and soon you will experience external signs, evidence of this mental integration.

Keywords: Other words that might describe Two Swords: Being in darkness, doubt, peace, satisfaction, clarity, balance, decisions in matters that bring about spiritual or mental peace.

Number: In the next two weeks or months, you will make a decision that will lead to clarity and clarity.

Astrology: The Moon In Libra. There is a deep peace and balance in the subconscious (the Moon).

Affirmation: I am filled with deep peace. I’m peace. I am silence.

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