The Ace of SwordsThe Ace of Swords

Description: The Ace of Swords shows a picture of a large luminous hand coming out of a cloud and holding a sword in his hand. Above the sword hovers a crown with two branches – the olive branch of peace and the palm of victory hanging from it. The mountain scenery under hand seems to be golden and impassable. The ace marks the beginning of something new.

The sword is double-edged and can cut in two directions. The sword represents the element of air and symbolizes the human event of thinking; create visions, formulate ideas and think logically.

With thought and its associated capabilities, man can choose to either manage ideas: make land gains in a life-giving direction (within the world of medicine or the natural sciences) or in a direction that can be potentially destructive.

Interpretation: The Ace of Swords indicates intellectual clarity, original thinking, ingenious thought power and divine inspiration. The sword here is a symbol of creative power that arises from intellectual clarity. It symbolizes the ability to discern in situations where emotions or thoughts are experienced confused. The sword helps us, so to speak, to cut through illusions. It is with our discernment and divine inspiration that we decide what choices we should make.

It applies to man to use this ability and clarity to gain insights and convey the recognized truths. But remember to be in touch with the heart / love before telling others what you have acknowledged. In this way, insights can be used for life-giving purposes instead of destructive purposes.

The Ace of Swords also symbolizes a new beginning. A beginning that is most likely to bring something good: it will be a beginning that will also have a satisfactory and constructive ending. This is because the sword / thinking power is associated with a crown, which is a symbol of victory. However, on the road to victory there can be an experience of inner conflict. This may be necessary to get a proper grip on what is emerging.

The internal conflict will appear in the form of the mental confusion, and ambiguities regarding discernment and decision-making. It could also be that you experience increased strength to carry out what you basically experience as truth. The positive of the conflict must then be seen as it stimulates and encourages more positive and true solutions.

Keywords: Other words describing the Ace of Swords: The double-edged sword that separates good and evil, mental clarity, originality, inspiration, expanded awareness, experienced pain, clarity, receptivity, strength and resistance.

Number: In the next year, it will be advantageous to express or work on the innovative, creative and intellectual side of yourself.

Astrology: The card is linked to the air signs: Weight, Aquarius and Gemini.

Affirmation: I have courage and strength, even in situations that seem to be difficult. I’m ready to start something new. I use my heart to make the right decisions. I use my thinking power for good purposes. I trust my discernment. I think clearly.

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