la-pentacles-01010 PENTACLES

Description: Ten Pentacles  depict a family scene with three generations. It shows an elderly man sitting in a courtyard petting one of two dogs at his feet. A couple and a child are also seen. The child plays with the other dog. The figures are in a rich castle building.

Ten is the number of completion, and the card symbolizes fulfilled dreams and that one thinks of what one has created.

The card also symbolizes that the time is now to cherish, create or focus on something physical and tangible that can exist for several generations and several generations can enjoy the fruits of. It may be that this is achieved through projects or objects that can be inherited.

Interpretation: The card symbolizes a desire to take root and settle in a base. The base or foundation can be in the form of starting a family, buying a house or starting a tradition. The important thing here is to create a sense of permanence and stability in your life. The card also makes you aware that you have created your own reality.

Every human being, every event you have attracted yourself. As the old man on the map, you look at life and can see that even though we regard it as firm and secure, it is only a game in which we humans appear. created all wealth in your life, and in order for this to grow further, you must seek to be rich in all aspects of life – that is, both in the spiritual and the physical areas.

Other words that will characterize ten Pentacles are: traditions, heritage, passing on wealth, perfection, life is a game, foundation for family, future and lasting traditions.

Numbers: In the next ten weeks or months, you may want to seek to increase your wealth in all areas — both spiritual and physical. The time now is to cherish, create or focus on something physical and tangible that is on the grand scale.

Affirmation: I look at the world and am at peace. I enjoy the riches of the world.

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