la-pentacles-0099 PENTACLES

Description: Nine Pentacles show a wealthy woman letting a peregrine falcon sit in one hand. She is standing in a vineyard, and around her you can see the ripe fruits hanging on the bushes.

The card symbolizes wealth as she is surrounded by nine coins lying at her feet. The card also symbolizes a satisfaction with what has been achieved.

The falcon symbolizes the intellect and the sharpness that can be developed in the mind. The thought is thus tamed, and decisions can thus come from the heart and the intellect together. The card symbolizes a satisfaction after great effort and effort.

Interpretation: The card shows that you are prosperous and enjoy it. You have created your fortune yourself, and it gives you security in the future. You have control over your life, and can enjoy life more at home. You are probably able to fully enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that your hard work has brought about.

You are able to enjoy it in your own company. The card says that the more your pursuit is carried by love, the more you will gain in all life situations. The card can also indicate that you have an important relationship in your life that you have the opportunity to win from.

Other words that will characterize nine Pentacles are: loneliness, wisdom, welfare, accomplishment of work, relaxation, harmony with oneself and surroundings, and joy and well-being through material success and achievement.

Numbers: For the next nine weeks or months, it will be important for you that your chores are carried by love. Patience with yourself and chores guided by your intuition will pay off in all life situations.

Affirmation: I enjoy my wealth. I enjoy the fulfillment of my work.

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