la-pentacles-0077 PENTACLES

Description: Seven Pentacles show a man standing in a field or garden, leaning on a garden tool. He stands still and looks intently at a bush he has probably helped to make grow. In the bush there are six coins – the seventh coin lies on the ground at his feet.

The card symbolizes that there is a pause state in the work of a project or a piece of creative work.

Seven represents the seventh day, which was the day of rest in the creation of the world. But the card also represents a choice situation – the man is wearing two different colored shoes, which symbolizes that he is standing between two choices or situations and does not quite know what to do and whether he can trust the growth process.

Interpretation: The card ┬áseven Pentacles symbolizes opportunities in your life and that you must let go of your doubts in order for your work to bear fruit – it will! The card also tells you that you must continue working if your efforts are not to be completely wasted. You are anxious about failure regarding business, financial matters or areas concerning soul and / or body.

Therefore, you tend to resign, retreat to accustomed frameworks, and limit your actions to the absolutely safe. The card refers to the fact that you are blocked by anxious expectations, the content and quality of which you should examine.

Other words that will describe seven Pentacles are: patience with growth, confidence, fulfilled potential, choice situation, difficult decision, things take time, waiting and growth.

Numbers: For the next seven weeks or months, it will be important for you to stick to some options. Letting go of your doubts and pursuing chances will bear fruit.

Affirmation: I believe that everything that happens in my life serves my own good. I trust that my work will bear fruit. I trust my decisions and choices.

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