la-pentacles-0044 PENTACLES

Description: Four Pentacles  show a man sitting holding a coin while both of his feet are firmly placed on two other coins. The last coin is placed on his head, on top of his crown. Behind him is what could look like a lush and beautiful medieval town.

The card symbolizes that you hold on to both your money and your emotions.

One behaves like a miser; and thus do not spend an ear more than necessary, and one does not give at the doors. There is a tendency for this to lead to mistrust, skepticism and paranoid attitudes towards the outside world.

This can lead to having difficulty being relaxed and constantly trying to figure out what intentions people have with their actions. When neither emotions / thoughts are openly shown, nor are material objects shared, it can easily lead to a perceived entrapment and lack of calm in itself.

Interpretation: The meaning of the card depends on the background of the person drawing it. The card can thus tell something about clinging to what one already has. You have found that your material position gives you some power. Therefore, you tend to cling to your property, your money, your power. You dare not take a risk and are generally very careful about trusting other people.

Money, and the way you manage it, can be compared to the way you relate to your ideas, feelings – and in general things of value to you. It is the problem of daring to let go and have confidence in the life one is confronted with. To let go and have confidence that you will not lose your energy – no matter what form it takes – when you give something and that what you need comes to you.

The meaning of four Pentacles can be partly an admonition for more character firmness and integrity and partly a reference to subordinate one’s principles and rules to everything that moves in the heart. You have to dare something to win something. It will be beneficial to work on giving out your energy, time, money and love. The positive aspect of the card is that you are a person who has visible boundaries, is true to his principles and has solid norms.

Other words that could describe four Pentacles are: maintaining the status quo, primitive form of security, material success, property, power and a closed system.

Number: For the next four weeks or months, you may want to take a look at what’s holding you back and what’s moving you forward.

Affirmation: I trust that life will give me what I need. I place my power in the service of love.

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