la-cups-014THE KING OF CUPS

Description: King of the Cups shows a king sitting on a throne strangely floating on the sea. In his hand he holds a cup. He seems hard and bitten and looks ahead. Around his neck, he wears a piece of jewelry with a fish, indicating his connection to the water, the element of emotion.

The sea around him is in turmoil and movement. But the water does not touch him, which may indicate that he may be mastering the emotions and may act as a counselor in emotional matters. Behind him is a large red ship, which suggests the company of like-minded people from whom he is so far away.

Interpretation: The King of the Cups symbolizes emotional loyalty. The King of the Cups is a kind responsible man with great experience. He is flexible and liberal. He works in the background and is highly respected.

The card indicates that you long for mutual exchange with like-minded people or a partner, and you may ask yourself how the exchange in your relationships can be enriched. Be honest with your ambivalent feelings about both your longing for deep intimacy with others and, at the same time, your anxiety about those feelings. Examine your defense mechanisms.

Other words that describe the King of Cups are: gentleness, generosity, good counselor, kindness, possibly strong repressed feelings or repressed anger.

Astrology: The King of the CupsĀ is associated with the sign Cancer. Cancer suggests your ability to provide support and care to others.

Affirmation: I’m creating the contact I need now. I experience fellowship with others where I emerge. I trust my feelings.