la-cups-013THE QUEEN OF CUPS

Description: The Queen of Cups shows a woman sitting on a high protective throne by the sea. The sea, which symbolizes the emotions, is at rest. She looks at the lavishly decorated goblet she holds in her hands. On her head she wears a crown.

She symbolizes the beloved or adored woman. She possesses a strong inner, passionate emotional world and freely lets this be expressed. The top of the throne, is shaped like a seashell and symbolizes an opening or uterus, which because it is attached to the throne, is connected to the ground. An enigma surrounds this woman and her activities in the realm of emotions.

Interpretation: The Queen of Cups symbolizes a high degree of emotional integrity. She is every man’s dream of a woman and all young girls ideal! She is faithful, honest, affectionate, gentle and loved wherever she comes from. Earthly goods do not make her happy, but it does make true love and affection.

The card indicates that by showing your feelings openly and honestly you will become beautiful.

And that is whether it is feelings of hatred or love. You do not have to worry about the people who do not understand you. There are plenty of others you can share your feelings with. The card indicates an opportunity or ability to go deep into oneself, be self-observant, thoughtful, get lost in one’s emotions, and experience a rich emotional and love life.

Other words that will be able to describe the Queen of Cups are: gentleness, luck, joy, seduction, emotional integrity and feelings that are openly displayed.

Astrology: The Queen of Cups is associated with the planet Neptune. Here you can choose to express Neptune’s inspiration or Neptune’s deceptive qualities. Here the Queen chooses to express inspiration.

Affirmation: I’m loved. I am honest. I trust my feelings. I am beautiful when I show my feelings openly.