la-cups-011PAGE OF CUPS

Description: The Page of the Cups shows a man with a cup in his hand in which a fish is either lying or about to jump up. He could seem like a kind of messenger coming up with ideas or news, represented by the fish on the way up the goblet. The map points to possibilities in terms of emotions and relationships. It also stands for the possibilities that can be found in the world of dreams and imagination. One for the feeling that the man in the picture is free and independent.

Interpretation: The Page of the Cups symbolizes the ability to relate objectively to others. When a person is drawn by this card, it is a sign that the individual has mastered some sense of ownership and emotion with jealousy, and that there is now an ability to love deeply in a loyal, committed, but liberated way. You will be able to express emotions realistically, which also means that you do not compromise with yourself.

Other words that can be used in the interpretation of the Cup Page are: new beginning, a child birth, a birth of a new idea, a budding relationship and also superficiality.

Affirmation: I turn my love into a gift. I use my imagination.