la-cups-01010 CUPS

Description: Ten Cups shows a happy family scene with a couple standing and holding each other, happily stretching one arm up against a rainbow. By their side, two children are dancing. The image symbolizes that there is a happiness present in life, as a kind of basic condition, and which can be experienced every moment. The family symbolizes cooperation, harmony and equality.

It symbolizes a joy and satiety that one should not think one must necessarily work hard or otherwise make oneself especially deserving of. It’s just there. Ten Cups give hope of lasting joy. The house pictured in the background symbolizes safety and stability.

Interpretation: Ten Cups symbolize love, harmony, lasting happiness, honor and a good family life. – It’s all perfect! Let things develop by themselves. Everything comes to you at the right moment. Your surroundings will respond to your energy and your radiations and give you everything you need when you need it.

What comes to you is happiness that springs from within you and radiates out into all areas of your life. It is a satisfaction that basically comes from within. The card indicates a good fate.

Other words that denote Ten Cups are: peace, peace in relationships, family, harmony in relationships and satiety.

Numbers: Over the next ten weeks or months, you will experience and express a deep inner satisfaction and / or energy and vitality that comes from within yourself.

Astrology: Mars in Pisces. Energy and vitality (Mars) are expressed from within and flow outwards (Pisces).

Affirmation: Things develop by themselves. Everything comes to me at the right moment. I am completely satisfied. Life gives me everything I need to be happy.