la-cups-0088 CUPS

Description: Eight Cups illustrates a man in a red cloak – the color of desire – heading for a mountainous area. He relies on his staff – intuition. He turns his back and thus walks away from the eight cups at the front of the picture.

Above him, the moon is drawn in its full and waning form, symbolizing that something is nearing its end. The man needs to move away from the eight cups, either out of disappointment or because he could see that he did not need them anymore.

The card symbolizes the need to move on in life, to travel away, to let the old die and go in search of new life, new surroundings or projects. The image seemed to lack a goblet in the goblet lineup, which may have directed his attention to new horizons instead of joining the eight goblets that might seem like a safe and prosperous situation. He follows his intuition and energy towards new – and for him as yet unknown – areas and begins a search for a higher meaning.

Interpretation: Eight Cups refers to a parting. It’s time to dump her and move on. For too long, you have wasted your energy on a useless project or relationship that it is time to end and leave. There may also be an old pattern of behavior you should change.

When you draw this card, it indicates that you are ready to regain your balance and free yourself from this pattern within the next eight weeks to eight months.

Other words that characterize Eight Cups are: that it is time to let go of the past, opportunities for something else and more, to leave, inertia, emotional inertia, stagnation, to let go of what has already been acquired , departure and separation.

Numbers: For the next eight weeks or months, you will benefit from respecting your emotional boundaries. Do not stretch yourself too far in emotional relationships.

Astrology: Saturn in Pisces. You need to have structure, discipline and direction (Saturn) in your life, even when it comes to more emotional and fluid relationships (Pisces). We need to recognize our limits (Saturn) so that we do not become emotionally exhausted and burnt out (Pisces).

Affirmation: I follow my intuition where it leads me. With ease, I let go.