la-cups-0077 CUPS

Description: Seven Cups shows a figure standing in front of seven cups. The cups are located in a cloud that stands for the element air, that is, mental and mental activity.

The card symbolizes choices or our longings, dreams or visions, but at the same time also the obstacles, difficulties and illusions that are present when making a choice. It seems that there are many wonderful opportunities available.

These are in the goblets: jewels indicate wealth, the castle indicates power and money, the serpent indicates sexuality, transformation or the transforming power of sexuality, the laurel wreath symbolizes success, while the skull engraved in the goblet indicates death, the luminous figure indicates your own enlightenment, the dragon refers to adventure or the fear of failure or problematic negative patterns, the mask refers to the possibility of being able to play a new role on the stage of life and the serpent refers to wisdom. It is then your job to choose and make the wish a reality in your world.

Interpretation: Seven Cups show a strong imagination, a mental or mental activity and possibilities for a diverse ingenuity. It also indicates that you are suffering from emotional depression or mood swings. Be aware that you yourself have to manifest your dreams, and that right now you have the abundance of mental, creative and artistic talents that are needed.

Moreover, Seven Cups indicates that it is time to open our eyes and acknowledge the realities. Only by truly acknowledging your own reality and situation can you move forward. Ask yourself if you have overestimated yourself or the state of things and / or have repressed or even distorted reality.

Often the pain is sought to be alleviated via immediate need satisfaction, which can be a habitual pattern. Find out what it is you are reaching out for to be satisfied immediately. And try to look seven years back in time, to see if the pattern was the same back then.

When you draw this card, it indicates that you are ready to release this pattern within the next seven weeks to seven months.

Other ways of interpreting Seven Cups are: spoilage, having too many ideas or the project easily becomes a waste of time, overactivity and feeling full. Understand the basic nature of your desires and recognize that they can never really be fulfilled as long as it is about something external. Enter the inner path and find that here your real needs are met.

Numbers: The next seven weeks or months will be a good time for you to let go of old bad habits and rid yourself of emotions that have affected your everyday life, until now, very deeply.

Astrology: Venus in Scorpio. With the help of true love (Venus) for yourself, you can transform yourself and your behavior patterns deeply (Scorpio).

Affirmation: I see and manifest my visions. I choose with wisdom.