cups-0066 CUPS

Description: Six Cups shows a boy and a girl standing in a castle garden. The little boy hands a cup with a flower to the girl. Around them stand five other cups with flowers in. There is an atmosphere of openness, vulnerability and confidence.

The cups with flowers symbolize that creative effort will lead to reward. The card indicates a readiness to enter into an enjoyable exchange with a loved one or a project – possibly to indulge in one’s own emotional wealth.

Interpretation: Six Cups stands for enjoyment and indicates that everything life gives you, you should fully enjoy. This is the best way you can express your gratitude. The card encourages you to receive and indulge in the joy, the desire, the pleasure on both the bodily, the sensual, and the spiritual plane.

It can be about letting go of the inner child, coming forward and expressing wonder, gratitude and love. It can also be about sticking to memories, becoming nostalgic and idealizing the past. Here it will be important to invest energy in current or future projects, because it will be now that a dream is ready to manifest itself for you.

Other words that can be used about Six Cups are: constant growth, awareness of the past, seeing the world as new, seeing the world through the eyes of the child and that past efforts pay off now.

Numbers: The next six weeks or months will be ideal for an experience of enjoyment – and enjoyment as a refreshing and refreshing element.

Astrology: The Sun in Scorpio. You will be able to experience enjoyment (the Sun) on a very deep plane (Scorpio).

Affirmation: I am open and confident. I enjoy the fruit my actions have borne. I enjoy what life gives me.