la-cups-0044 CUPS

Description: Four Cups shows a man sitting under a tree with folded arms. By his side is a cloud, from which a hand reaches him a cup, and in front of him stand three other cups. The man looks down into the ground.

He is thus offered a gift that he probably does not notice, either because he has not noticed it or because he does not want to see the cup. He is passive, he is bored and nothing can capture his interest. He seems partly apathetic and partly defiant.

Interpretation: Four Cups says that you receive a lot of tenderness, love, care and attention from your surroundings. While it may be a challenge for you, accept it and enjoy it without making yourself addicted and without letting it depress you. The card can also be interpreted as a dissatisfaction and a one-sided focus on what is in the way – a focus on difficulties and obstacles.

For example, it can be experienced as if one is locked into negative thought patterns. The card also indicates that you should be aware of the good feelings that have roots in the subconscious. Work on bringing the unconscious up to the conscious, in order to maintain focus on the source of these good feelings.

Other words that will describe Four Cups are: opportunities and opportunities available, brooding, dissatisfaction, lack of interest, pessimism, defiance, self-pity, frustrations, dissatisfaction, boredom and being limited.

Numbers: For the next four weeks or months, you will have the opportunity to let go of any passivity and indulge in an experience of emotional fulfillment.

Astrology: The Moon in Cancer. You have an opportunity to receive nourishment (Cancer) from a place deep inside yourself (the Moon).

Affirmation: I receive the gifts the world has for me. I receive in gratitude and humility. I see the cup as being half full.