la-cups-0033 CUPS

Description: Three Cups shows three women in long dresses dancing with each other while lifting the Cups they each hold in their hand. In the picture is an atmosphere of love and joy. The card symbolizes. that you party together and share your joy with others around you. Around the earth lie various fruits, which symbolize the wealth and abundance that we are offered.

Interpretation: Three Cups symbolize abundance in communication. It indicates cohesion at a high spiritual level that is only accessible to a limited circle of people. The card indicates that communication is about the positive, constructive and nurturing feelings one has.

The Three Cups can refer to three important people in your life with whom you can and should share your innermost feelings and dreams. The feelings of these three people should be respected, and you should tell each of these three people about these feelings of love, appreciation, and positive Рyou must communicate. Three Cupss also symbolize joyful events of all kinds: weddings, births, and the accomplishments of great accomplishments.

Other words that characterize Three Cups are: time to rejoice and celebrate, effortlessness, lightness, laughter, moments of joy, success and enjoyment.

Numbers: For the next three weeks or months, it will be beneficial for you to communicate your feelings in ways that can comfort or motivate people.

Astrology: Mercury in Cancer. Emotions (Cancer) that are communicated (Mercury).

Affirmation: I look forward to others. I know how to celebrate myself and others. I share my feelings with others.