la-cups-001ACE OF CUPS

Description: The Ace of the Cups indicates a powerful source of emotional energy. At the same time, it suggests a time when you can advantageously start on something new in terms of areas like emotions and relationships.

The card shows a luminous hand reaching out of a cloud and offering the golden cup filled with promises and hope. The cup is like a fountain and from it flows five small streams of water – representing the five senses – down into a lake with water lilies.

The map symbolizes abundance and shows that what is constantly flowing into us from the infinite richness of the universe radiates outward again by itself when we are open and receptive. The dove of peace, hovering over the cup, symbolizes emotions and spiritual values. It holds in its beak a white disc with a cross on it. The card stands for an overflowing energy.

Interpretation: The Ace of Cups refers to the fact that the more we are in contact with the all-encompassing selfless love, the more it will fill us, and the more we can give to others. The card also refers to a time when there is sufficient emotional and spiritual nourishment and where giving love happens completely effortlessly. When you draw this card, it is a sign that the emotional balance is a gift that is available and can be utilized in the next year.

Other words that characterize the Ace of Cups are: love, marriage, motherhood, a fruitful and creative period, potential and opportunity for projects to emerge, passion, the beginning of a relationship, a wave of emotions, joy, emotional clarity, deep love for oneself, the possibility of a relationship and an unexpected gift.

Numbers: In the next year, you will be present for caring and trust in relationships, and you will find it easy to communicate emotions.

Astrology: The Ace of Cups is associated with: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Affirmation: All-encompassing love fills me and my surroundings. I only see love. Love is an inexhaustible source.