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Major Arcana

The Great Arkanan consists of the archetypes we all carry with us in our psyche. It describes the fools’ journey towards enlightenment where the fool first meets the magician and ends his journey on the last card, the world. You’re the lure. Judgment must go through all the typical pitfalls, challenges and victories that life brings to everyone. The twenty-two maps can be seen as images of development paths, universal principles, universal experiences that every human being will draw during his life.

There will be times in your life when you experience “no fear” ( Fool ). You practice the art of communication daily ( Magician ), which includes your self-awareness and self-confidence ( Översteprästinnan ) when you expand love with wisdom ( The Empress ) and deposit your own power and leadership to strengthen others ( The Emperor ).

It is through the experiences you have through life, that you approach a sense of faith and spirituality ( High Priest ), which allows you to enter into relationships with other people (< The Lovers ). In all aspects of what you do, you face the effects of what you cause ( The Trolley ) and you must find that you balance the experiences you meet in a fair and just way ( Justice ).

By relying on your experience ( The Hermit ), you can turn your life in favorable and positive directions ( Wheel of Fate ), and place yourself in situations and situations where you can express your strength and desire for life ( The Alchemist ) and which allow you to break the usual patterns of action and go completely new ways ( The Hanged Man ). < / p>

Then you must let go of the past and close the door behind you. It is necessary to release to move on ( Death ). After a while you will be able to look at the past with a sense of humor ( The Devil ). You thereby gain renewed energy to break down the artificial and false ( The Tower ) and thereby acknowledge your own inherent nature. You will then shine with self-insight and self-confidence ( The Star ), and give yourself the strength to leave old known worlds and go through the gates ( Moon ) to explore new worlds.

By making your choices in life based on your intuition and your own sense of what is right and wrong, you will be able to be natural, productive and stimulating in teamwork, partnership and shared effort ( Solen ). By continuing to use your sound judgment and taking into account the circumstances and your history and your life as a whole, you can make the judge the lawless witness ( Judgment Day ). Once you have freed yourself from self-critical patterns and have been able to look at yourself with loving objective eyes, you can build new worlds both inside and out ( World ).


​​The fool begins his journey towards the Enlightenment only equipped with self-confidence. The card talks about a new beginning, invulnerable, naivety, blank canvas, ego, identity, pioneer, living life without armor, living here and now. The fool appears when something new and surprising starts in your life. You make some new judgments that surprise others, but you are enthusiastic and believe in yourself. You believe in travel and life.


​​The fool’s first stop is at Magikern to learn the consequences of action. The fool learns that everything has been created. Learn to manifest. Take responsibility for their own reality, for everything you have created yourself, and you can o-create it too. The card stands for positive action, individualism and willpower. The wizard has power and can succeed with anything. You know what you want and have the ability to succeed.


​​The fool receives higher education from the high priestess to prepare everything that is to come on the journey of folly. The card talks about intuition, the knowledge. To learn to go beyond the linear and to go deeper. The high priestess has no tainted thoughts that confuse her, she has contact with her inner knowledge. It is not time for action. The High Priestess stands for secrets, your subconscious.


​​The fool meets the empress. She teaches the fool about the female secrets. The card stands for having, resourceful, influence, integrity, self-love, worthy. The Empress does not bow to anyone. She has everything she needs in abundance. Acquired large assets, men, livestock, real estate. You are in a good period, you are growing and expanding.


​​The fool meets the emperor. He teaches the fool what it is to be a man. The card stands for totalitarian power, to control something, hold the positions, never warm up, give orders with a firm hand. The emperor stands for structure, authority and regulation. He can be a bit of a tyrant and can stand for an authority in your life that prevents you from moving forward. He’s used to getting what he wants.


​​The fool receives education on how to behave in society (the higher one came from the High Priest). The teacher, the system, rigidity, deep lessons, convention, tradition. To submit. Hierofanten refers to conformity and group identification. He may be responsible for peer pressure or for the need to adapt to a group’s norms and judgments.


​​The fool gets to experience true love for the first time. The card talks about union, male and female principle in perfect balance, harmony, love, partnership, constructive sexuality, self-love. The inner man and the woman. Lovers usually indicate a choice in love, but not necessarily. The card usually indicates a tough moral choice that you have to make yourself.


​​The fool is loaded with love from the card before. He’s out in the world. The carriage is the card for navigating the physical. The card talks about movement, executing an order, a decision made, reaching a goal, refined, higher purpose. The chariot refers to battle, triumph, control and self-discipline.


​​To have overcome something, to master something elegant, to have reached the goal, perfection in the exterior. The woman has her hand in the lions’ mouth, which symbolizes that she has defeated her own best. Strength stands for courage, inner strength and self-control. You need to trust yourself and take responsibility for your own life. You go through trials that you have to face.


​​The fool pulls away to go deeper, find the answers, heal, make an inner journey. Will no longer be on the outside now, just by going inside you can grow from here. Even being the light in the dark for others. You need to go back and reflect and do a self-examination. You have to make an important decision or come to a conclusion.


​​Karmic changes, try your luck, get a chance, try, positive or negative outcome, cyclical processes. The wheel of destiny indicates a turning point in your life. Unexpected things come, but the results usually get better. The card represents destiny and the journey.


​​Balance, equalization, consequences, law and justice. Take his punishment. Pay back what you owe. This card is the result of the card. The verdict withdrew in the hermitage, to spin the Odes Wheel and see the truth about itself, to end up on the Justice card where the adjustment is made. The card shows that the result of previous actions is returned to you. When you sow, you must reap.


​​When the fool’s karma is paid, a transformation takes place in the card The Hanged Man and Death. Personal timeout, stagnant, new perspectives after locking, imminent aha-experience. The hanged man indicates the need to sacrifice. You fall victim to the misconceptions of others.


​​Necessary cleaning, transformation, upgrading, maturation, end of a process. Let go of something that no longer benefits you. Death represents an end to something, often it is positive. Sometimes a big change. But sometimes the card can indicate mistakes, disappointments, destruction, corruption, unhappy separations, loss of friends and lack of help.


​​Moderation, balancing extremes, the golden mean. The butterfly has reached its full capacity. In the picture, the angel has two beaks. The water flows upwards, from the lower beaker to the higher one. The two must be mixed in an alchemical process. Teams stand for compromise and cooperation. Teams point to a happy ending to a difficult situation. Good balance between good and evil.


​​Here the fool is tried again to temptation. The devil stands for temptation, obsession, instincts, animal powers and materialism. You are probably trapped in an unhealthy situation and just feel hopeless. The card indicates serious mistakes, mistakes, hatred, jealousy and greed. In general, the card represents a negative impact on your life.


Sudden chaotic change, even the foundation has crumbled to build better and stronger. The destructive from the card before dissolved for something else. The tower is an ominous card, which always causes a kind of crisis and stands for misery, suffering, irritation, resistance, disaster, scandal, disappointment, destruction, collapse and accidents.


​​Now the Fool comes to the light from the Star. The destructive shell of the fool has crackled and fallen off. This is about the strong type of vulnerabilities. Need nothing, live in the now, travel with light packing, total presence. The star stands for hope and inspiration. You are on the right track, to achieve goals and longings action is required.


​​The fool must also learn about the false light. The light of the moon is that of secrets, lies, the hidden, illusions, deceptions. The moon represents the psyche, the subconscious, anxiety, chaos and confusion. This is a period of uncertainty. The card can indicate hidden enemies, setbacks, terror, deception and mistakes.


​​The sun hides nothing from the Fool. Here you get to see your true nature. And the true nature is the pure innocent child. The card stands for information and clarity, great optimism. The sun stands for progress and success, optimism, energy and strength.


​​The card talks about judgment, sight in the seams, awakening, everything is pointed, brutal truth, redemptive, alarming, confrontation. The judgment refers to a change of position and renewal. The time has come to settle the past with what you have been and have done so far. The mistakes of the past are behind you, and you are ready for a fresh start.


​​The fool has learned all his life lessons and is now enlightened. The card talks about the end of a bike or the beginning of a bike. The world stands for success, wholeness, a good ending to something and harmony. The card indicates integration, completion and fulfillment.