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Animals in Chinese Astrology

The most popular Chinese astrology system in the West is the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. This can be seen, among other things. by many who wear a piece of jewelry or a bracelet with the twelve animals. A custom that has been prevalent in China for centuries.

All are associated with an animal sign based on the year you were born. The Chinese believe that the animal associated with the year you were born has a great influence on one’s personality. The Chinese have great respect for astrology, and that is why many of them have their own annual animal represented in the form of small figures in their homes, and it is very popular to have jewelry, keychains etc. with their annual animal.

Every person born in one year, according to Chinese astrology, has characteristics and characteristics that are characteristic of the animal that represent his or her year of birth. The Chinese animal is also believed to bring a lot of luck, happiness and wealth to its owner. Poetically, the Chinese refer to their Chinese animals as “the beast of my heart”.

There are various Chinese myths about how the twelve animals were associated with one year. One of these says that the Buddha called the whole animal kingdom to decide how the world order could be restored. Only twelve animals appeared and to reward the animals for their loyalty, the Buddha called one animal after a year.

But in fact it was not until the eighth century that the twelve animals entered the field. Before this, the Chinese astrologers had used the term twelve land branches. In an attempt to spread Chinese astrology to a wider audience, Chinese astrologers came up with the excellent idea of ​​replacing the twelve branches with animal names.

The idea captured and the use of these twelve animal names spread rapidly throughout Asia. The animals were selected according to how well they characterized the twelve years.

For example, centuries of observations had shown that the fifth year of the cycle was usually marked by particularly heavy rains and floods. For this reason, the dragon – symbol not only of rain and flood, but also of the indefinable joy of loss and gain – was chosen as the fifth-year beast.

Just as we, based on Western astrology, are assigned a general personality trait from our zodiac sign, we are assigned to Chinese astrology a general personality trait based on the animal character we are associated with.

This general description of the twelve zodiac signs can be nuanced by looking at which of the five elements are related to the year you were born. Therefore, it is a water dog !, a wooden dog, a metal dog, a field dog and a IId dog – similar to the signs of the other animals. The basic characteristics of the characters of the twelve animals remain unchanged, but some characteristics are highlighted.

Some of the twelve Chinese animal figures get along better with each other than others. Rat and dragon are believed to be an extremely happy couple, while rat and horse will always fight. It’s not just about the best partner match, that is, who you want to serve best as a girlfriend. The harmonious conditions – or the lack of the same! – is also meant to apply to your interaction with your work colleagues, etc.

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