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A person born in the year of the monkey is intelligent, inventive and humorous. The monkey is ambitious when it comes to money, power and success. Monkey is designed to innovate and solve difficult tasks and problems. Since Apen is convincingly optimistic, very intelligent and at the same time practical, Apen will not waste time and resources on misplaced businesses.

Monkeys are born strategists and are known for their competence, versatility and charisma. Monkeys are social and easy to communicate with – Monkeys love to talk. They are good conversation partners and can contribute to most discussions as they are quick to learn new things and at the same time very reflective.

Monkeys can keep most jobs, but get a little restless if they only do routine work. Also in social life, Aben wants to have fun, be active and be stimulated. Monkeys love to party, and can often be seen swinging from one group of friends to another. With their energetic festive nature, they are popular in their circles.

The great zest for life that Apen has, makes it unstable in relationships and its limited self-control can lead to problems with unrestrained use of food, alcohol, drugs and other abuse. When the Monkey has control over herself, however, her great life and adventures will provide the exciting and interesting experiences.

The monkey’s motto can be said to be that everything should be tried at least once. To have a truly harmonious and good life, monkeys must learn that the world is not always centered around them, and they must learn – sometimes – to adapt to the needs of others with their own.

The perfect match for the Monkey is the Rat! And the Monkey must be happy! A person born in the rat year is imaginative, charming and a devoted friend and family member who protects his loved ones in a protective way. As a Monkey, you should avoid the Pig and the Snake.

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Chinese Astrology

Legend has it that when the Buddha gathered the animal kingdom to determine how the world order could be restored, only twelve animals appeared. To reward the animals for their loyalty, the Buddha named one of the animals one year later. The twelve animals came to represent the Chinese time cycle, each representing one year in the order in which they arrived at the meeting.

The story behind the order of the animals' arrival is as follows:

The Buddha instructed his disciples to invite all the animals of the world. When the rat received the invitation, it turned to its best friend the cat and suggested that they wake each other up so that they could be the first to leave. The cat agreed to this, trusted his friend and fell asleep quickly. However, the rat was so cunning that it lay down to sleep in the bull to the ear knowing that the bull was used to waking up early.

At dawn the bull woke up as usual and began his long journey towards the kingdom of heaven. When it reached the gates of heaven, the rat jumped out of the bull to the ear and thus reached the Buddha first. The Buddha appointed each year in succession when the twelve animals arrived, first the rat, then the bull, the tiger, the hare, the dragon, the serpent, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster, the dog and the pig. The cat never reached the Buddha to assert itself somewhere in the hierarchy, and that is why the cat and the rat are still enemies today.

Each person born under one year probably has characteristics and characteristics that are characteristic of the animal that represent their year of birth. For example, a person born in the year of the tiger is brave and courageous, while a person born in the year of the goat is gentle and trusting. The Chinese have great respect for astrology. Annual animals are believed to be able to bring a lot of luck, happiness and wealth to their owner.

Rat Chinese astrology The rat is inventive, charming and generous to those closest to him. They can also be temperamental and restless.

Ox Chinese astrology The bull is inspiring and makes people around them feel good. They are demanding, systematic and a bit stubborn.

Tiger Chinese astrology

Tigers are strong, bold, adventurous, charming and good at taking the initiative. They often take risks. Rabbit Chinese astrology Devoted, loving, nice and understanding people who usually have many friends. They are a bit shy and like luxury. Dragon Chinese astrology

Dragons are spiritually strong and individualistic. They are active and honest and know what they think! Snake Chinese astrology The Snake is an incurable romantic and likes to philosophize, which can make the Snake slow in the decision-making process. Very happy with the money.

Horse Chinese astrologyHorses work hard and are easy to take responsibility. They are known for being social and friendly. Astrology Goat A goat is charming and artistic. They often worry unnecessarily and often complain about small things. Dog Chinese astrology A monkey is intelligent and popular. Socially competent simply. They usually succeed in most things they do. Rooster Chinese astrology A rooster is very clear and says what he / she means in all situations. Sometimes they are perceived as wizards. Appearance is important for a rooster. Dog Chinese astrology

Honest and faithful, but can be concerned.

Pig Chinese astrology

A pig is honest and tolerant and often becomes a good friend, but they can sometimes love the good life a little too much.

The twelve zodiac signs are part of many different contexts in Chinese astrology, Chinese wisdom and feng shui. The essence of all the wisdom and spirituality that comes from the East - and thus also central to the concept of the signs of the twelve beasts - is that everything is connected.

For an oriental, it is important to know the happy element and the Chinese animal sign. These are natural landmarks in a world where you define yourself based on the relationships you enter into - more than you define yourself as an independent individual.

Thus, astronomy for a Chinese is not an independent discipline that can be practiced as needed. For a Chinese, astrology is not a hobby activity, but an integral part of Chinese everyday life where everything is the object of creating optimal harmony between yin and yang.

The balance and harmony between yin & amp; yang is not the goal in itself, but the position that will potentially bring the greatest progress, happiness, prosperity and luck, to the individual, the group, the village, the community, the nation and the world. as a whole.

Since this optimal state of harmony is believed to be of a volatile nature, it can be difficult to predict, even less consciously and consciously achieved and maintained. And the mindset is to constantly search for the optimal state of harmony, a way of living more than it becomes something you handle individually.

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